Urban Native Entrepreneurial Training

With funding from the Xcel Energy Foundation, Spirit of the Sun has offered two Urban Native Entrepreneurial Training sessions each year since 2014. These two-day sessionsĀ led by business professionals are designed to supportĀ Native individuals living in the Metro Denver Area in developing micro-enterprises, often based around their creation and sale of traditional art including beading, weaving, etc. In the past, these trainings have catered to a Native elder audience. Beginning in 2016, Spirit of the Sun will shift its focus to urban Native youth and their economic development needs.

Topics covered in this training include:
– Personal financial literacy
– Preparing to start a business
– Developing a business plan
– Marketing your business
– The role of culture in business
– Using business to develop community

To register for our June 2016 Urban Native Entrepreneurial Training, please visit our Events page.