Native Women Veterans’ Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Spirit of the Sun is exploring entrepreneurial training opportunities for Native women veterans with our organizational partners. We plan to bring this training to the Native community sometime in the next several years, and are looking for interested Native women veterans and Native entrepreneurs to participate.

The training will aid women veterans in transitioning to:

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities; or
  • Meaningful Employment

The training will focus on ways to play the “Entrepreneurial Game” and will be designed as a 4-stage program, including:

  • A 1 day overview of entrepreneurial opportunities
  • A 1 day intensive Feasibility Analysis workshop
  • Three months of mentoring and coaching; and
  • A 1 day event, showcasing participant presentations that outline –
    • Personal Action Plans; and
    • Venture Pitches

If you would like to attend a Women Veterans’ Entrepreneurial training, please submit your contact information below: