Indigenous Youth Financial Fitness Program

Thanks to funding from the Xcel Energy Foundation, Spirit of the Sun has held entrepreneurship and financial literacy training programs for indigenous youth and young adults since 2014.

In 2017, Spirit of the Sun and our partners reworked the program to cater specifically to the needs of Indigenous youth. The Fall 2017 programs taught budgeting and financial literacy skills, and then allowed the youth to practice budgeting in a fun and engaging simulation. The program also included a Vision Collage activity, which gave the youth a chance to think about their futures, and envision how managing their finances will allow them to accomplish their goals.

Topics included:
– Creating a Spending Plan
– Building and Keeping my Credit
– Native Entrepreneur Presentation
– “Spending Frenzy” Budgeting Simulation
– Vision Collage Activity

Based on positive feedback from program participants, Spirit of the Sun will continue to expand the size and scope of this program in 2018. By providing vital education on topics such as health insurance, paying for college, and resume building, we will ensure that Colorado’s Native youth can succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.

To register for our January 2018 Spending Frenzy Simulation, please visit our Events page.