Our Mission & Vision


Spirit of the Sun’s mission is to work in partnership with Native American communities in urban areas and on reservations to boost the resilience of Native people, especially youth and young adults.

Our vision is that the Native youth of today become the next generation of Native leaders, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals who will help guide their communities toward wellness, prosperity, and cultural revitalization.


Spirit of the Sun pursues our mission and vision by:

  • Providing employment preparation and career development for Native youth and young adults through entrepreneurial and leadership trainings, mentorship programs, and practical skill-building workshops.
  • Promoting health and wellness for Native youth and young adults through improved access to and knowledge of food that is traditional, nutritious, and sustainably grown and harvested.
  • Facilitating the reduction of risk taking and self-harming behaviors among Native youth and young adults by addressing the root causes of substance abuse, suicide, and other behavioral health issues.
  • Alleviating poverty for Native youth and their families through collaborative capacity building services that are specialized to address the unique needs of each Native community.
  • Building cultural resilience through inter-generational programs that facilitate relationships between Native elders and youth to ensure that traditional knowledge and practices continue.