Xcel Energy Foundation Grants SOTS $9,000


(From left to right: John Lathrop, Jenica Baty, Stacey Voigt, Caroline Mende, Craig Eicher, Whitney Conley, Don Lake, Eileen Masquat)


Spirit of the Sun is excited to announce the award of $9,000 from the Xcel Energy Foundation. The grant will fund our Urban Indian Entrepreneurial Training program that will take place this spring. The aim of this program is to educate Native business owners in the Denver area on best practices for developing and sustaining a thriving business. Past participants in this program have shown significant professional growth. One such participant was Kelly Holmes of Native Max Magazine, a successful entrepreneur and fashion designer whose designs were showcased at the RMICC Gala this past year.

This year, we plan to expand the program in partnership with the Denver Indian Center and the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce. We’re looking forward to providing participants the opportunity to win a business scholarship to launch their own native business. With several guest speakers and relevant sessions such as finance, business planning, and marketing, it is sure to be an excellent event.

We could not achieve the success we’ve seen without Xcel Energy. Thank you!